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Hello, we are David 2 Leather Factory, an upscale leather fashion designer specializing in high quality.

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.

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The Brand


Since 1884 our family has been in the leather industry, making saddles for horses. Now we specialise in high-end leather and fur fashion with unmatched customer service and quality.

Franco Fonati now owns David 2 Leather Factory, Dante Leather Factory and David Leather Factory, all located in Florence city-center and all exclusive outlets that sell our designs. You buy direct from the designer and manufacturer when shopping with David 2 Leather.

Our factory is located outside of Florence in the industrial zone near all of the tanneries that provide the world with "Fine Italian Leather." We hand-select pieces individually for each style of jacket.

Here is our new laser in action. Our new styles can have company logos, etched initials or any computer-generated design!


Our Services

David 2 Leather offers a customized service experience.

—Customer Service
We will provide a customer-focused shopping experience in a pleasant environment for those who value with impeccable quality and fashion.

—Custom Orders
Since our leather and fur styles are designed in-house and produced in our factory, we can make any style in any color to fit you perfectly... guaranteed. We can copy your old worn-out coat or custom-design one with you in our store.

—Unparalleled Quality
We are the top producers and sellers of fine leather and fur wear in Florence. Since 1884 our family has focused on meeting our customers' needs by providing the best well-treated, soft and light leather.

—Vast Selection
We carry a large selection of jackets, coats, blazers, pants, shear lings, skirts, and vests. The customer can choose the skin, color and size they prefer. The leather or fur garment will be produced and shipped anywhere in the world at no extra charge.

  • Model: 9139 Vest | 
Fabric: Chinchilla | Color: Natural Black and White
  • Leather Jacket | Model: Rino
  • Model: Amanda | Fabric: Chinchilla | Color: Natural Black and White
  • Sneak Peek | New Collection 2014
  • Model: Ottasia | Fabric: Suede, Mohair, Cashmere, Silver Fox | Color: Gray
  • Modello: Chanel | Fabric: Chanel | Color: Blue and Brown
  • Modello: Peo-or | Fabric: Mink | Color: Blue
  • arista
  • Modello: 444-S-C | Fabric: Fox | Color: Black and Brown
  • Model: Londra Trench |  Colors: Black, Olive, Cuoio
  • Model: Rolanda | Colors: Blue, Black and Brown

Luxury is the opportunity to experience quality, be it a place, a person or an object.

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  • Florence, Italia—Boutique

    Where to find us

    Via del Corso, 47/r
    50122 Firenze, Italy
    Phone: 011-39-055-216-443

    Store hours

    9:00AM — 7:30PM Daily

    Boutique Info

    David 2 Leather Factory is located in downtown Florence, Italy. How do you order from us? Call, email or fill out the form below with your specific information and we will contact you!

The difference between style and fashion is quality.

Giorgio Armani


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